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World's Strongest Flashlight $57.99 $74.51
Introducing the World's Strongest Flashlight – your ultimate companion for illuminating the darkest corners and conquering any challenge with unparalleled brightness and durability. Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, this powerhouse of illumination is a must-have tool for outdoor adventures, emergencies, and everyday lighting needs.Equipped with advanced LED technology and an astonishingly high lumen output of 90000 lumens, this flashlight delivers an intense beam that pierces through darkness with ease, providing unparalleled visibility over impressive distances. Whether you're exploring the great outdoors or navigating through emergencies, its exceptional strength ensures clarity and confidence in any situation.Specifications:- LED Chip: XHP90- Brightness: 90000 Lumen- Main Lighting Mode: High/Medium/Strobe Flashing- COB Side Lighting Mode: High/Low/Red/Red Strobe Flashing- Material: Aero Nautica Aluminum Alloy- Measurements: 9.8in * 2.3inPackage Inclusion:- 1 x Flashlight- 2 x 26650A Battery- 1 x USB Charging Cable- 1 x User Manual- 1 x Hand RopeWith its rugged construction and superior performance, the World's Strongest Flashlight is your beacon of reliability in the darkest of moments. Illuminate your path to safety and adventure with confidence – the ultimate light is here.
Floating Magnetic Levitating Flower Pot $149.99
Elevate your greenery game with our Levitating Plant Pot!Crafted with precision and style, this innovative pot adds a dash of magic to any space. Simply set your favorite plant atop the included base, and watch as it defies gravity, hovering effortlessly in midair.Made from high-quality materials, our levitating pot is not only a stunning conversation piece but also a testament to modern design and functionality. Perfect for desks, shelves, or any corner in need of a little enchantment.Transform your space and let your plants take flight with our Levitating Plant Pot today! Material: ABSBase size: Diameter 195mm, height 30mmLevitation weight: 0-250gColor: BlackLevitation gap 10-15mmDC transformer (output: 12V, 1A; input: 110-240V-50/60Hz.)Adapter Type: EU plug, UK plug, AU plug, US plug
7 In 1 Electric Cleaning Brush $57.05
Get ready to revolutionize your cleaning routine with our 7 In 1 Electric Cleaning Brush – the ultimate tool for tackling dirt and grime with ease!**Powerful Cleaning, Effortless Results**Say goodbye to tedious scrubbing and hello to sparkling surfaces! Our Electric Cleaning Brush is equipped with seven interchangeable heads designed to clean every nook and cranny of your home and car. From windows and walls to bathroom fixtures and beyond, this versatile tool does it all.**Unleash Your Cleaning Superpowers**With its rechargeable electronic function, our Electric Cleaning Brush gives you the freedom to clean without being tethered to a power cord. No more limits – just wide-reaching cleaning power that gets the job done in record time.**Say Goodbye to Dirt and Grime**Our special brush heads are designed to tackle even the toughest dirt and grime with ease. Whether it's bathroom scum, kitchen grease, or stubborn stains, our Electric Cleaning Brush is up to the challenge, leaving your surfaces sparkling clean and germ-free.**Reach New Heights**Thanks to its extension pipe, our Electric Cleaning Brush can easily reach tall furniture and ceilings, ensuring every inch of your home is spotless. No more straining or stretching – just effortless cleaning from top to bottom.**Easy to Use, Easy to Clean**Cleaning up after cleaning has never been easier! Our accessory brush heads are designed to be easily removed and cleaned, so you can spend less time on maintenance and more time enjoying your clean home.Upgrade your cleaning routine today with our 7 In 1 Electric Cleaning Brush and say hello to a cleaner, happier home! 🧼✨
Smart Tri Led Makeup Mirror $55.09
Elevate your beauty routine with the revolutionary Smart Tri LED Makeup Mirror–your all-in-one solution for flawless makeup application and impeccable grooming. Designed to meet the needs of modern beauty enthusiasts, this Trifold Makeup Mirror is more than just a mirror–it's your ultimate beauty companion.Illuminate Your Beauty: Step into the spotlight with confidence as the integrated LED lights provide optimal illumination for precision makeup application. Say goodbye to uneven foundation and hello to flawlessly blended contours with the clarity and brightness of our Smart Tri LED Makeup Mirror.Versatile and Convenient: Whether you're getting ready in your dorm room, perfecting your look for a night out, or touching up on-the-go, our Trifold Makeup Mirror offers unmatched versatility. Its compact design and adjustable angles make it easy to achieve the perfect lighting and angle for any occasion.Enhance Your Routine: Experience the convenience of smart features with our Smart Complementary Makeup Mirror Tri. Equipped with innovative technology, this mirror enhances your beauty routine by providing intuitive functionality and customizable settings to suit your preferences.Unleash Your Radiance: Unlock your true beauty potential with the Smart Tri LED Makeup Mirror. From flawless foundation application to precise eyebrow shaping, this mirror empowers you to achieve radiant perfection with every brushstroke.Join the beauty revolution and make flawless makeup application effortless with the Smart Tri LED Makeup Mirror. Elevate your beauty routine to new heights and discover the power of precision grooming with our innovative Trifold Makeup Mirror.
Mini Electric Juicer $51.51
Experience Juicing Freedom Anywhere, Anytime with Our Mini Electric Juicer!Introducing the ultimate solution for health-conscious individuals on the go – our Mini Electric Juicer! With its quick crushing action, this powerhouse appliance effortlessly transforms your favorite fruits and vegetables into delicious, nutrient-packed juices.Boasting a generous capacity tank capable of holding up to 350ml of juice, this compact juicer ensures you're always prepared to fuel your day with freshness and vitality. Plus, its versatile functionality extends beyond juicing – with a temperature range of -22°F to 212°F, it's perfect for heating up water for your favorite beverages or culinary creations.Crafted with your safety in mind, our juicer is BPA-free and equipped with a smart safety system that automatically shuts off the power if it detects overheating, giving you peace of mind as you create your healthy concoctions.Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move, our Mini Electric Juicer is your go-to companion for convenient, nutritious living. Say goodbye to store-bought juices laden with additives and hello to fresh, homemade goodness – grab yours today and embark on your journey to a healthier lifestyle!
Fingerprint Padlock $38.14
🔒 Unlock the future of security with our Fingerprint Padlock! 🚀Say goodbye to forgotten combinations and lost keys—our smart keyless padlock uses cutting-edge fingerprint technology to keep your belongings safe and secure. Whether you're securing your bike, gym locker, or luggage, this waterproof padlock is your ultimate anti-theft solution. Plus, with USB charging, you'll never have to worry about running out of power when you need it most!🌟 Stay protected with ease: Our padlock provides hassle-free security with its fingerprint recognition, ensuring quick and convenient access whenever you need it.🎉 Personalize your security: Customize your padlock with our fun stickers included with every purchase. Add a touch of flair and make your security solution uniquely yours!Upgrade your peace of mind with our Fingerprint Padlock and keep your belongings safe in style! 🔐💼Specification:Material: Zinc alloyFingerprint storage capacity: 20 groupIdentification time: <0.5(s)Working temperature: -4°F-158°FScope of application: Home, office, etcService life: >2,000 timesBattery capacity: 110 mAhCharging voltage: 5V 1AFRR: <1%Package Including:1 Fingerprint Padlock1 x USB Charging Cable1 User ManualNote:1. Keep away from flammable and explosive gas.2. Make sure the adapter output is 5V before charging.3. Do not insert other objects into the USB port or keyhole.4. After you unlock the lock, if red light and blue light are flashing alternately, it indicates that the battery is low. Please charge it in time to prevent unlock failure.
Cylinder Grill Basket from $23.39
Bring your grilling experience to a whole new level with the Cylinder Grill Basket! Enjoy the deliciousness of mixing flavors together as you can now combine all your favorite ingredients in one single basket. The 360-degree rotation allows for even heating, making it more evenly cooked and tastier to enjoy. This basket fits more food than any other on the market, perfect for BBQ parties and gatherings with family or friends. It is also easily transported for those times when picnics, tailgating, or camping are in order.Made from environmentally friendly Premium food-grade PTFE material that is odorless and non-stick, say goodbye to the hassle of trying to take apart stuck foods. Keeping it clean is easy - simply place it in the dishwasher after use or give it a quick rinse in the sink. Finally, there is a door that will conveniently open and close so taking out food will be easier than ever before. With all these features combined into one product, you won’t be disappointed with this amazing Cylinder Grill Basket!Material: 304 Stainless steelSize: 21x9x9cm/7.87x3.54x3.54inchWeight: 120gPackage Includes:1pc/4pc * Grilling Basket
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