Children Electric Drill Toolbox Driller Games from $21.69
Introducing our Children Electric Drill Toolbox Toy - the perfect blend of fun, learning, and creativity for your little ones!Key Features:3 in 1 Baby Toys: This toolbox set offers three engaging activities in one - drilling, screwing, and puzzle solving, providing hours of entertainment and skill development.Montessori Screw Puzzle: Encourage problem-solving and fine motor skills with the Montessori screw puzzle, where kids can practice matching and screwing colorful pieces into place.Pretend Play Toys: Foster imaginative play and role-playing skills with this realistic simulation electric drill tool set, allowing kids to emulate grown-up activities and explore their creativity.Benefits:Educational: Promotes cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, and problem-solving skills through interactive play.Entertaining: Keeps kids engaged and entertained for hours, providing a fun and stimulating play experience.Safe: Made from high-quality, non-toxic ABS plastic, ensuring durability and safety for your child's playtime.Specifications: Product Name: Simulation Electric Drill Tool Repair Box Material: Plastic ABS (animal facial expressions and eyes and ears are paper) Suitable Age: >3 years old Box Size: 2724.57cm (approx.) Note:Batteries Not Included: Requires 2 AA batteries for operation (not included), providing convenient and portable playtime.Safety First: Please keep away from fire and ensure adult supervision during playtime to prevent accidents.Color Disclaimer: Due to monitor differences, the actual color of the item may vary slightly from the images shown.Manual Measurement: Please allow for a slight error of 1-3 cm in manual measurements.Elevate playtime with our Children Electric Drill Toolbox Toy - the perfect gift to inspire learning, creativity, and endless fun for children aged 4 to 6 years old!
High Speed Drift RC Car from $59.84
Experience Thrilling Speed with High-Speed Drift RC CarUnleash the excitement with this high-speed drift RC car, designed for adrenaline-pumping races. Its powerful motor and precision controls let you perform amazing drifts and stunts effortlessly. Get ready for the ultimate racing experience.Master Every Turn with Precision ControlNavigate tight corners and sharp turns like a pro with this high-speed drift RC car. The responsive controls and advanced drifting capabilities ensure you stay in command at every moment. Dominate the track with unparalleled precision.Durable Design for Extreme PerformanceBuilt to withstand the toughest races, this high-speed drift RC car features a robust design that handles crashes and bumps with ease. Enjoy long-lasting performance and endless fun with a car that's made for extreme conditions.Perfect for RC Enthusiasts of All LevelsWhether you're a beginner or an experienced racer, this high-speed drift RC car offers an exciting experience for everyone. Its user-friendly controls and high performance make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to dive into the world of RC drifting.
Non Inflatable Baby Floater from $59.99 $75.33
Introducing our Non Inflatable Baby Floater, the ultimate blend of safety, comfort, and fun for your little one's aquatic adventures! Crafted with precision from premium swimwear fabric and TPU film wrap, our floater boasts a luxurious appearance akin to leather, yet gentle to the touch like skin.Say goodbye to soggy swim gear! Our innovative design features fast-drying properties, coupled with a TPU film wrap that resists bacteria, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment for your baby.Engineered for safety, our floater is equipped with Upgraded Safety Buckles, providing five support points and maintaining a perfect 40° angle to prevent flipping and ensure balance. With two swim ways – backstroke and breaststroke – and adjustable buckles, it accommodates babies aged 3 to 24 months, with a weight range from 13 to 40 lbs.Ease of use is paramount, which is why we've incorporated adjustable buckles and a simple, secure fastening system. Slip it on effortlessly, tighten as needed, and watch as your little one moves freely and comfortably in the water.Safety is our priority, and our patented pearl-foam technology eliminates the risk of air leakage, offering peace of mind with every swim. Plus, our 3D cover features a canopy shark design with a removable tail, preventing backward flipping and adding a touch of whimsy to water play.But the versatility doesn't stop there. Our floater grows with your child, with breathable 3D covers suitable for ages 2 to 6 years old, and detachable wings to facilitate gradual swimming skill development.Available in two sizes – 46.5cm and 50cm circles – our Non Inflatable Baby Floater is the perfect companion for water-loving families everywhere. Dive into a world of safety, comfort, and aquatic fun with our premium baby floater today!
Baby Head Protector Helmet $20.28
Introducing the Baby Head Protector Helmet – a revolutionary safety solution crafted to give your little explorer maximum protection and comfort. As your baby learns to crawl and take their first steps, bumps and tumbles are inevitable – but with this innovative helmet, you can have peace of mind knowing they're safeguarded against impacts from all angles.Featuring cushioning on all sides, this helmet wraps snugly around your baby's head, effectively dispersing the force of any collisions. Its ventilation strip design ensures optimal breathability and temperature control, keeping your baby cool and comfortable during their adventures.Crafted from 100% cotton and filled with a soft-touch foam that's odor-free, BPA-free, and eco-friendly, this helmet is gentle on delicate skin and safe for your little one to wear. Available in charming pink and green colors, it's suitable for babies aged 8 to 48 months, with an adjustable head circumference ranging from 47.7 to 55.9 CM.Don't let bumps and falls hinder your baby's exploration – equip them with the Baby Head Protector Helmet and let them roam safely and confidently. Get yours today and ensure your little one's safety during their exciting journey of discovery!Specifications:- Material: Cotton- Color: Pink, Green- Suitable for: 8 - 48 months- Head Circumference: 47.7 - 55.9 CM- Size: 18 x 12cm
Baby Ergonomic Baby Hipseat Carrier from $49.18
Introducing our latest innovation in baby carrying comfort: the 0-36M Baby Carrier Ergonomic Baby Hipseat Carrier! Crafted with care from a premium cotton blend, this carrier ensures your baby's safety and your peace of mind. Designed for both fun and function, it comes in a range of sizes to provide a snug fit for your little adventurer.What sets our carrier apart is its ergonomic design, engineered to support your baby's developing hips and back. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to hassle-free outings! The wide strap distributes weight evenly, alleviating strain on your shoulders and back, so you can enjoy every moment with your bundle of joy.With the Baby Carrier Ergonomic Baby Hipseat Carrier, convenience is key. Keep your hands free for whatever life throws your way while keeping your baby close. From errands to adventures, this carrier makes every journey a breeze.Experience the ultimate blend of fun and professionalism. Order yours today and step into a world where comfort meets convenience!
Flying Orb Ball Toy $30.47
Experience the Coolest Flying Adventure with Our Flying Orb Ball Toy!Get ready for endless fun and excitement with our Flying Orb Ball Toy – the ultimate toy for testing your accuracy and unleashing your creativity! Whether you're a kid or a kid at heart, our flying ball drones offer various flight routes, smooth flight modes, and even boomerang effects, allowing you to master thrilling aerial maneuvers with ease.Play Anytime, Anywhere:Say goodbye to space restrictions and hello to boundless fun! Our lightweight, flexible, and durable flying boomerang drone ball toy can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors, ensuring non-stop entertainment for the whole family. Plus, with built-in LEDs that shine brightly day or night, the fun never has to end!Safe Design and Unmatched Durability:Safety is our top priority, which is why our flying orb toys undergo rigorous safety tests to ensure peace of mind for parents and endless fun for kids. With a protective spherical shell design and high-grade ABS material, our flying ball drone toy is built to withstand impact and keep kids safe during playtime.Endless Fun with Hover Ball:Never miss a moment of excitement with our rechargeable fly orb hover ball! Simply recharge it with the included USB cable for just 25 minutes, and enjoy 8-10 minutes of exhilarating flight time. The LED indicator lets you know when it's time to charge, ensuring you're always ready for takeoff!Cool Toys for All Ages:From Christmas gifts to birthday surprises, our colorful and captivating magic ball fly orb toy is the perfect gift for kids and adults alike. Not only does it provide hours of entertainment, but it also helps develop intelligence, creativity, and fosters bonds between family and friends.Experience the thrill of flight like never before with our Flying Orb Ball Toy – order now and let the adventures begin! Perfect for boys aged 8-12 and beyond, this is one toy that's sure to bring joy to everyone's day.
Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang $23.83
Experience the Ultimate Fun with Our Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang!Get ready for an exhilarating adventure with our Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang! Launch it into the air and watch as it spins and soars, performing amazing tricks and stunts. Whether you're at the park, beach, or backyard, this versatile toy guarantees hours of entertainment for you and your friends. Say goodbye to boredom and hello to endless excitement!Unleash Your Inner Acrobat with Our Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang!Take your playtime to the next level with our Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang! Designed for maximum aerodynamics and performance, this innovative toy lets you unleash your inner acrobat as you master tricks and flips. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages, it's the ultimate way to add a dash of adrenaline to your day.Soar to New Heights with Our Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang!Reach for the skies and soar to new heights with our Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang! Engineered for optimal flight and precision, this dynamic toy offers endless opportunities for aerial adventures. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll love the thrill of watching it loop, dive, and return to your fingertips with ease.Elevate Your Outdoor Playtime with Our Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang!Elevate your outdoor playtime with our Flying Spinner Ball Boomerang! Engineered for durability and performance, this versatile toy is perfect for solo play or friendly competitions. With its unique design and effortless flight, it's guaranteed to become your new favorite outdoor activity. Get ready to turn heads and make memories that last a lifetime!
Flying Ball Boomerang Drone from $22.13
Introducing the Flying Ball Boomerang Drone – your ticket to endless airborne adventures! With its advanced gyroscope and smart AI chip, this flying orb ball delivers intelligent flight like never before. Experiment with different throwing angles and speeds to create mesmerizing flight patterns and the epic boomerang effect. But the fun doesn't stop there – our drone isn't just a blast to play with, it's also a fantastic tool for boosting children's hands-on ability, operating skills, intelligence, and creativity.Crafted from high-grade ABS material, this drone is as durable as it is lightweight, ensuring it can handle countless crashes without breaking a sweat. Plus, with the propellers safely concealed within the ball, you can rest easy knowing there's no risk of little fingers getting hurt. And with its USB rechargeable design, simply plug it in for 25 minutes and enjoy up to 10 minutes of exhilarating flight time.Whether you're indoors or outdoors, our hand-operated drone promises fun and excitement anywhere, anytime. Perfect for backyard play or indoor entertainment, it's designed to impress with its smooth flight pattern and captivating boomerang effect. Plus, it's not just a toy – it's a conversation starter, making it the ideal addition to family gatherings, school events, or holiday celebrations.Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further! Our hand-controlled drone is a crowd-pleaser for birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and beyond. It's a hit with kids, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly, making it the ultimate enrichment gift for anyone who loves a good adventure. Get ready to elevate playtime to new heights with our Flying Ball Boomerang Drone – order yours today and let the fun take flight!Specifications:Size: 9.5x9.5x9.5cmBattery life: 30 minutesMaximum Flying altitude: 49 feet (controlled by magic controller)Function: air suspension, magic controller, sudden acceleration, magnet absorptionPackage Included:1x Spinner1x User Manual1x USB cable
Pressure Pistol Children Beach Gun $58.05
Get ready for epic water battles this summer with the Pressure Pistol Children Beach Gun! Designed for maximum fun and excitement, this high-pressure pistol will have kids giggling and splashing as they engage in thrilling water warfare.Key Features: High-Pressure Performance: The Pressure Pistol delivers a powerful stream of water, ensuring thrilling water battles with friends and family. Versatile Outdoor Fun: Whether at the beach, pool, or backyard, this pistol is the ultimate accessory for outdoor water games and adventures. Kid-Friendly Design: With its large size and easy-grip handle, kids can comfortably hold and operate the pistol for hours of uninterrupted play. Colorful Variety: Available in a range of vibrant colors, kids can choose their favorite pistol to match their personality and style. Long-Lasting Fun: With a battery capacity of 1500mAh and a water tank capacity of 550ml, the Pressure Pistol ensures long-lasting fun without frequent refills. Specifications: Battery Capacity: 1500mAh Water Tank Capacity: 550ml Effective Range: 10m Maximum Range: 12m Bring on the summer fun with the Pressure Pistol Children Beach Gun! Let kids unleash their imagination and creativity as they engage in thrilling water battles like never before. Get armed and ready for endless hours of splashing excitement!
Magnetic Fraction Tiles $37.21
Make learning fractions a breeze with our interactive Magnetic Fraction Tiles – the perfect educational tool for kids!Designed to make math engaging and accessible, these colorful tiles are a must-have for any young learner. With fractions ranging from 1 whole to 1/16, totaling 83 pieces, kids will have everything they need to master the basics of fractions.Each fraction is represented by a different color, making it easy for kids to identify and understand the concept visually. Whether they're learning at home or in the classroom, these tiles provide a hands-on approach to fractions that fosters comprehension and retention.Not only are these tiles great for individual study, but they're also perfect for educational demonstrations on whiteboards or magnetic chalkboards. The thick magnet backing ensures that the tiles stay securely in place, allowing kids to manipulate them with ease and confidence.Specification: Material: EVA Size: 240x20x5mm / 9.44x0.78x0.19inch Package Includes:83 Pieces Rainbow Fraction TilesIdeal for kids in grades 2-5, our Magnetic Fraction Tiles are the perfect tool to help your child build a strong foundation in math. Order yours today and watch as your child's confidence and understanding of fractions soar!
Building Kit Toy $42.80
Embark on an enriching adventure where fun meets learning with our innovative building kits!Cognitive Development: Our building kits are more than just toys; they're tools for cognitive growth. Children develop problem-solving abilities, spatial awareness, and geometric comprehension as they assemble pieces, follow instructions, and sharpen critical thinking skills.Creativity and Imagination: Sparking limitless creativity, our building toys empower kids to construct anything they can dream up. From towering structures to imaginative scenes, these kits fuel artistic expression and encourage open-ended play.Fine Motor Skills: With every piece they pick up and connect, children refine their fine motor skills. This hands-on engagement is crucial for overall physical development, enhancing hand-eye coordination and dexterity.Entertainment with Learning: Strike the perfect balance between fun and education! Our building kits offer hours of entertainment while subtly imparting valuable educational concepts, making learning a joyful experience.Experience the joy of learning through play with our building kits. Watch as your child's imagination soars and their skills flourish with every piece they connect
Sensory Strength Building Kit from $58.72
Children's imaginations know no bounds, and what better way to nurture their creativity and development than through play? Our Sensory Strength Building Kit is not just a tool; it's an opportunity for your children to dream big and build tangible achievements, all while creating unforgettable memories with you.  Key Features:Building Tangible Achievements: Watch as your children turn their imaginative ideas into reality. This kit empowers them to build sensory strongholds, fostering a sense of accomplishment and pride in their creations.Creative Play for Lasting Memories: Engage in collaborative fort-building adventures with your children. Create treasured memories that will last a lifetime as you work together to construct unique structures, fostering family bonds and emotional connections.Learning Through Play: Play is not just about having fun; it's an educational journey. This kit provides a platform for children to learn about design, basic engineering, and problem-solving in a hands-on and enjoyable way. Turn playtime into an opportunity for growth and skill development.Imaginary Adventures Unleashed: Encourage your children to let their creativity soar as they embark on imaginary adventures within the structures they build. The possibilities are endless, and each play session becomes a new and exciting experience.Quality Time with Loved Ones: The fort-building process is more than just assembling structures; it's a meaningful family activity. Spend quality time with your children, creating not just forts but also bonds that will strengthen over time.Why Choose the Sensory Strength Building Kit?Promotes Creativity and Imagination: Encourages imaginative thinking and creativity, allowing children to express themselves freely through play.Educational Benefits: Provides a playful platform for learning about design, basic engineering, and problem-solving skills.Family Bonding: Strengthens family bonds through collaborative activities, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.Versatile and Fun: Suitable for a wide range of ages, ensuring that every member of the family can participate and enjoy the process.Bring the joy of imaginative play into your home with the Sensory Strength Building Kit – where dreams become tangible and memories last forever. Let the building begin! 🏰✨
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Oeuf'Éducatifs from $21.73
Introducing Oeuf'Éducatifs - Fun Learning of Colors and ShapesYour baby is eager to explore these vibrant colored eggs. As they touch and feel, they're not just playing, they're developing their senses and enjoying every moment of it. It's an incredibly unique exploration experience of shapes that's neither cumbersome nor noisy.Your baby engages with a toy that not only fosters their development but also allows you, as parents, to enjoy quiet moments of play together. What's more, it's conveniently non-bulky as all the eggs neatly fit into their designated box.A Sensory Adventure AwaitsThe vivid colors and varied shapes stimulate your baby's curiosity, while the eggs are easy for their little hands to handle, enhancing their fine motor skills and concentration.An Exceptional Educational and Playful GameTeach them all about colors and shapes, enhance their color and shape recognition skills, and watch as it stimulates their logical reasoning and fosters reflection. It's not just engaging; it aids in their intellectual development and concentration.The Perfect GiftBaby Eggs offers a sensory experience like no other. Watch your baby delight in assembling the eggs together, and witness the improvements thanks to this exciting new game.Product Information:Age: +3 years Includes: Box of 6 eggs or 12 eggs in shapes, numbers, or fruit. Blocks made of non-toxic ABS plastic, safe for babies.   
Chaise Montessori from $89.74
Discover the World of DIY with the "BricoKid" Montessori Chair - Awakening, Creativity, and Learning for Young Builders!Imagination and dexterity lie at the heart of play with our "BricoKid" Montessori Chair. This educational game, designed to spark creativity and hands-on learning, gives children the opportunity to build, disassemble, and recreate, opening the door to endless construction possibilities.Safety and quality come first. Your children's safety is our priority. The "BricoKid" Montessori Chair is crafted with non-toxic, high-quality materials tailored for children. Each tool and piece is designed to be safe and easy to handle, ensuring a secure playing experience for little hands.Developing essential skills is key. Our Montessori construction game goes beyond mere entertainment. It's a valuable educational tool that helps develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and strategic thinking. It also stimulates creative thinking and fosters autonomy in young children.The Perfect Gift for Young DIY Enthusiasts. Looking for a unique and enriching gift? The "BricoKid" Montessori Chair is perfect for birthdays, parties, or as a special surprise. It's the ideal gift to inspire children's curiosity and ingenuity, encouraging them to explore and learn while having fun.
Sight Words Flashcards from $50.74
Welcome to our Sight Words Adventure! 🌟 📚 Get ready for an exciting journey through the world of words with our Sight Words Flashcards! With 220 cards spread across 5 levels, our kit is the perfect tool to build your child's vocabulary. 🔍 Each card is carefully crafted from Dolch sight words, covering 60-80% of elementary English reading. The words are divided into 1-5 levels, ensuring a gradual increase in difficulty. 🎨 Our flashcards feature a delightful design with lively cartoon patterns and rich colors, making learning fun and engaging. The front of each card displays the word, along with a picture and a sample sentence. Flip it over, and you'll find the word along with its part of speech and phonetic pronunciation. 📖 Each card not only helps children recognize sight words but also reinforces their understanding through context. The included sentences provide valuable practice in fluency and confidence, while picture clues aid in memory retention and comprehension. 💪 Made with high-quality, high-definition film on both sides, our flashcards are waterproof and durable. Plus, with rounded edges, they're safe for children to handle. 🔄 When it's time to tidy up, simply use the included rings for easy storage. Our flashcards are not just a teaching aid—they're a gateway to a world of learning and discovery! Let the learning begin with our Sight Words Flashcards! 🚀📚
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